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Call us today - 214.551.5578
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QC File Audits

Fannie, Freddie and FHA all require 10% of your files to be audited by a 3rd party vendor, but more and more lenders and warehouse providers are requiring audits to be conducted on mini-correspondent loans.  Moreover conducting audits is considered a good business practice.  TCS is excited to provide this service to our clients.  Our high quality audits and detailed reports will help you pinpoint how and where to improve the quality of your loans and mitigate risk.  Whether you require 5 files or 50, our auditors are ready to review each one and provide you with a comprehensive report.

State Audit File Exams—SAFE Audits

We can also perform a scaled down audit, which is exactly the same as the State performs when they conduct their exams.  The SAFE audit will give you piece of mind that you are crossing all the “T’s” when it comes to compliance with the State.

How does the file audit process work?

1. Send over your list of closed loans.


2.We’ll send you a list of selected loans.


3. Upload your files into our secure folder.


4. We audit the files and send you a detailed report.


It’s more affordable than you think
with audits starting at $69.00!

File Upload

Please choose your file to be audited, fill in your email address, and submit your files for review by The Compliance Shop. Thank you!  

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