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Call us today - 214.551.5578
Toll Free Number - 888.574.4420

The Compliance Shop is now your one stop shop to protect your data and your customers!

TCS is proud to announce our partnership with SkinnyOffice! Our new strategic partnership is to provide Cyber Security solutions and peace of mind to The Compliance Shop family. What would you do if RANSOMWARE locked your entire computer network down? How many rates would expire? How many loans wouldn't close? What would happen to your company if MALWARE were able to compromise the personal information from just one 1003 application? The FTC and CFPB have a mandate to ensure all borrower's data is being kept secure and being shared securely. Whether you need encrypted email service or offsite cloud backup, the team at SkinnyOffice is ready to take care of all your cyber security needs!

 Protect Yourself
Managed Firewall: Control what comes and goes through your office network.
Managed Desktops: Don't allow non-business related web content to be accessed that may contain malicious content waiting to infect your network. Track log ins and outs and auto lock unattended desktops.
Encrypted Email: Our email security is second to none, don't take a chance with sensitive information.
Vulnerability Assessment: Give your network a monthly check up! You can't address your weaknesses if you don't know they exist.
Secure Online Storage: Keep your data secure onsite with a revolutionary compute block. These have security mastered and the redundancy to store your network.
Encrypted Cloud Backup: It's insurance for your data. It's encrypted for your eyes only and in case of disaster like a fire, flood or human error we can restore your network to it's last save point.
Disaster Recovery: Should your office go up in flames or under water, all of your managed devices will be replaced. If you have a backup subscription with us, your data will be ready to go when we get your network up and running!
 Skinny Office Layered Security Protections
  • Reputation based email filtering and malware screening

  • Managed anti-MALWARE solution for desktops, laptops and servers

  • Managed web content screening

  • Continuous local and cloud based backups

  • Security awareness training materials

  • Backed by ongoing support from our technology experts

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